Minecraft is currently our most supported game. You can join our servers using a 1.7.10 ~1.15 Minecraft client. For more information, click here. Note some servers will not support older versions due to plugin requirements! If you can't get in a server check here for version information. 

-CounterStrike: Global Offensive
On our CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) server, we also use community maps which make it different from normal CS:GO servers. Have fun!
Looks for : OB-CounterStrike in the community server browser.

-Garrys Mod
We have a gmod server running our own custom map. Great for sniper shootout or just plain all out PVP war. We have a lot of popular mods running on there including M9K, LFS, Simphys and more!
Look for OB-GModServer in the server browser.