Minecraft is currently our most supported game. You can join our servers using a 1.7.10 ~1.15 Minecraft client. For more information, click here. Note some servers will not support older versions due to plugin requirements! If you can't get in a server check here for version information. 

-CounterStrike: Global Offensive
On our CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) server, we also use community maps which make it different from normal CS:GO servers. Have fun!
Looks for : OB-CounterStrike in the community server browser.

-Garrys Mod
We have a gmod server running our own custom map. Great for sniper shootout or just plain all out PVP war. We have a lot of popular mods running on there including M9K, LFS, Simphys and more!
Look for OB-GModServer in the server browser.

We also have a vanilla Rust server which is great for beginners due to the low volume of traffic. Let's you focus on getting on with building and experimentation without necessarily having to be looking over your back constantly!
Look for OB-Rust in the community server browser.